In 2008, Creative Spirit formed a partnership with the Albuquerque-based nonprofit
VSA North Fourth Art Center to bring the program in New Mexico. As a VSA board member, Creative Spirit founder James Lujan saw an opportunity to take advantage New Mexico's a growing film industry built on attractive tax incentives, and use that fact as a basis to offer production training the local American Indian community.

With the support of the VSA North Fourth's Executive Director Marj Neset, launched the program with a summer workshop in 2008, and in two years the program has produced two short films which have been an integral part of the VSA North Fourth's Annual Two Worlds Festival of Native American Film.

"The New Mexico program works a little differently than the way we do Creative Spirit in Los Angeles," explains Lujan, "but it shows that the program can be duplicated within the framework of other organizations, nonprofit or tribal. Creative Spirit remains open to such collaborations."

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